Attention Men!!

Are you ready for MORE???
Are you ready for DIFFERENT???
Have you ever thought to yourself, “There has to be more than THIS!!”???
Is your marriage not exactly what you signed up for???
Are you single, and unable to make anything work???
Are you tired of feeling like the “Lone Wolf”???
Join the AlphaUp Program, a movement for Men, to finally find the missing link you've been looking for!

Why Listen To Me???...

My name is Melani Le’ona, and I have developed a Program for Men that allows You to tap into the Alpha Male that has been hiding. All Men have an Alpha Self inside their soul. However, most haven’t fully stepped into it. It’s still hiding, waiting. There is a wolf within you, eager for you to let him conquer!

You may ask, "What qualifies you to speak about how a man can tap into his Alpha Self™??--You are a woman". Yes, I get it.

Look, I'm not here to tell you how to be a man- I don't have experience being a man, so I'm not going to go there. However, I have made it my life's mission to understand the male mind and help men become the most excellent version of themselves. Not to mention, it's time you hear an unbiased, educated female perspective.

Twenty-one years ago, I knew I had to learn everything I possibly could, not just about men, but how I, as a female single mom, could lead the male mind into a place of strength. I have a 21-year-old son, and my number one priority as his mom, was to ensure he knew how important it was for him to tap into his Alpha Self ™ whenever necessary because that is what the world needs from him and all men. I did not want him to fall into a cubicle state of existence, thinking that was as good as he could get. I did not want my son to fall into a place where he could no longer strive for greatness. Instead, I wanted my son to know he has an Alpha Self ™ that is available at his command, like all men. So, I undertook the mission to learn all I could about the male mind. I used my bachelor's degree in psychology, as well as thousands of hours of personal study to discover the most cutting-edge techniques and methods to help men maximize their potential to build confidence and high self-esteem, and become the powerful man you were meant to be!

Who We Help...


The AlphaUp™ Program has helped countless men to find their Passion, and their Purpose. As a woman specializing in coaching men, I have unmatched experience, and a unique skillset designed to help you attain these goals. You will not find another program like this. If you’re ready to live- I mean REALLY LIVE, it’s time to stop chasing your tail- Boss Up… Level Up… and AlphaUp™!!! 

I have the formula you need to live a life you’ve only DREAMED OF!!!

Our Mission

The AlphaUp Program is designed to Crack the Code in 4 Areas:

Money: Are you making a good income, but are ready to increase your wealth beyond what you currently think is possible? To create wealth, you must first believe it’s possible. Through my program, I have helped men, just like you, achieve an income they initially thought they could only dream of!

Power: Power is drawn from our confidence. If we are not confident in ourselves, no one else will be either. To accomplish the possession of Power, you have to be ready to lead. If you know yourself better than anyone and you are not confident in who you are, you definitely can’t lead others. Why would I want to follow you if You don’t believe in You??? However, I can help you tap into the Confidence you’ve been hiding!

Animal  Attraction: Be the Man Women Crave! Reignite the Passion in Your Marriage, Get out of the Dating Rut. Women naturally want to feel safe. But how can a woman feel safe with you if you’re operating based on a macho, insecure ego?? 

Women are tired of men who are insecure, controlling, and still blaming everyone else for their life. It’s time for you to step into your AlphaSelf, and LEAD HER!!! A feminine woman doesn’t want a passive man- she craves a leader… I can help you step into the role she trusts, so you can truly Lead Her.

TRIBE: Be the Father your Children deserve. Be the friend you have always wanted. Be the one people can count on.

What kind of Legacy do you want to leave??? 

Lead your Tribe!

Be the leader. 
Be the entrepreneur. 
Be the father you never had. 
Be the Alpha. 
He rocks the socio-sexual hierarchy for a reason.

This IS The Alpha Male.


I was reluctant to try a life coach- I didn’t think it was for me. As a man, I was brought up thinking I had to do things on my own, and that if I couldn’t, somehow I had failed. I couldn’t have been more wrong on that idea! Thank God I went for the AlphaUp™ Program! Melani made me feel comfortable right away, where I felt I could really share what was REALLY going on, and what I needed. From the very first session, she helped me overcome baggage, and old ideas that had been troubling me for years. She made me feel comfortable and gave me a platform to improve myself as a man, husband, father and son. Male or female anyone sick of the old way of life and ready to transform it I would highly recommend Melani Le’ona, and the AlphaUp™ Program. Be ready for life to get so much better!!
- Josh D.
I was in search of how to gain more respect, greater self-worth, increased confidence and wealth. I found all three under one umbrella... through working with Melani. For far too long I blamed my single status on women. My belief was, “There are no good single women left”. Through working the AlphaUp program, I became aware that my mindset was just an excuse. I learned I was actually attracting women that weren’t working on themselves, because I wasn’t willing to work on myself. Melani showed me what needed to change, and implement, making dating a different world. She showed me how to implement factors that changed my mindset, and therefore my life, completely. The AlphaUp program has changed my life! The process is priceless. By investing in myself, my self-image has skyrocketed, giving me the breakthrough I needed, and the life I craved. As a Life Coach, Melani Le’ona has a unique approach, with a perspective that will change your life!
- Douglas H.

Frequently asked questions

Coaching is an interactive experience where we discover your goals and your passions and use them to help you travel down a path to the life you crave!

100%. What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions, just like seeing a therapist.

The time that your coaching process will take depends on your past experience, the complexity of your goals, and your commitment and openness to your process.

No team would expect to win the Superbowl without a coach, Your life should be no different!! A coach can guide you & help you in ways you have not yet experienced!!


“We help you attract women effortlessly, by helping you find the Alpha Wolf that’s been hiding inside of you all along.” Here we help one another to level up, and AlphaUp. So, get ready to start living the life you’ve always wanted!!!

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